AdSense Program Policies

It is expected of all distributors to adhere to Google’s distribution plans and related tactics. Thus, carefully read them. Provided that you do not employ these tactics without Google’s approval, we are fully empowered to stop delivering advertisements on your website and to suspend access to your AdSense account at any moment. If your past performance is bad, you won’t be able to invest more money in the AdSense program.

As we reserve the right to alter our plans at any time, please check back here frequently for updates, if it’s not too much bother. You are required by our Web-based Agreements to keep abreast of any new changes and to abide by the agreements that are placed here. It is evident that certain circumstances for these tactics are permitted with Google’s consent.

AdSense code may be added by distributors to pages containing content that is subject to Google’s restrictions on distributors. Nevertheless, compared to other unrestricted content, this content will receive less advertising.

Invalid Snaps and Impressions

Distributors may not click on their own promotions or use any means to expand impressions and may further click in deceptive ways, including manual strategies.

Empowering snaps or prospects (uncompensated stock)

Distributors are not allowed to use complex execution techniques, solicit other parties to take pictures watch their advertisements, or request views or photos in exchange for payment. This involves but is not restricted to, paying consumers to evaluate commercials or celebrity appearances, promoting outside fundraising for such activities, or positioning photos in close proximity to particular ads.

Traffic Sources

It is not possible to remove Google advertisements from pages that receive traffic from particular sources. For instance, as a result of any product application activity, resellers may block pay-per-click schemes, send spam, or show adverts. Distributors who use online advertising also need to make sure that their pages adhere to Google’s endpoint quality guidelines.

Promotional conduct

Distributors are allowed to make changes to the AdSense promotional code as long as they don’t harm sponsors or artificially extend the promotion’s duration. For further information, see Modifying your AdSense ad code if it’s not a major problem.

Advertising arrangement

It is encouraged for distributors to experiment with different promotional arrangements and designs.AdSense code, however, cannot be installed in unsuitable places like pop-up windows, messages, or programming. Distributors also have to follow the guidelines for each product they use. For more information, if it’s not too much effort, see our article on backdrop strategies for promotions.

Conduct on site

Google ads must be easy for customers to find and navigate. Destinations are not allowed to alter users’ preferences, reroute users to unwanted websites, start downloads, include malicious content, or have pop-ups or hidden windows that impede users from accessing the website.

Misleading website route

Distributors are prohibited from obtaining snapshots or insights through misleading execution strategies, such as positioning promotions in a way that could be mistaken for a menu, path, or download link. Recall that it is the responsibility of each distributor to make sure that their execution of the advertising complies with the promotional position’s requirements.

This includes, but is not restricted to:

  • False instances of substance streaming or downloads
  • Connection to content that does not exist
  • Redirect customers to unimportant or misleading website pages
  • Different types of routes designed to purposely deceive customers
  • Pages where promotions are carried out in positions naturally implicit in the route.

Specialized needs

To help you provide a quality customer experience, Google has created specialized details for destinations that display Google promotions. We only allow locations that agree to these expert determinations. Please inspect below for detailed specialized needs:

Design prerequisites

Web View

  • AdSense display ads for content (AFC) and Promotion Trade (AdX) are not maintained across all WebView advancements. App designers who want to accommodate serving AFC and AdX display ads via WebView should use one of the attached supported display shells:
    Android: Chrome Custom Tab
  • iOS: SFSafariViewController (iOS9 and iOS10, so to speak)
  • Google AdMob and AdX in-app ads can be displayed in an app next to a WebView, as long as the Google Versatile Promotions SDK is used the layout is used and the distributor is consistent with the remaining provisions of the AdSense program.